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Problem Solving skills are important in every industry. No business is immune to the constant onslaught of problems. Business managers and office managers may find that nearly every aspect of their daily routine revolves around some type of problem solving. When in a management position, one of the most important things you do is simply handle the day-to-day problems that arise for your employees.

Improving your problem-solving skills will give you a distinct advantage in both management and other positions within your company.

This Problem Solving Toolkit focuses on teaching individuals four sets of planned problem solving skills: problem identification, generation of alternatives, decision making, implementation, and verification solution.

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Tool-PRS-01_Problem Solving Skills Worksheet.doc
Tool-PRS-03_Problem Solving Possibilities Diagram.doc
Tool-PRS-04_Information Gathering & Decision Making Tools.doc
Tool-PRS-06_Affinity Diagram.doc
Tool-PRS-07_Decision Matrix.doc
Tool-PRS-08_Process Maps.doc
Tool-PRS-09_Solving Problems Checklist.doc
Tool-PRS-10_5W and an H Model Problem Solving.doc
Tool-PRS-11_50 Aspirations.doc
Tool-PRS-12_Action Plan.doc
Tool-PRS-13_4D’s Model Problem Solving.doc
Tool-PRS-14_ 5 Why Model Problem Solving.doc
Tool-PRS-15_8D’s Model Problem Solving Worksheet.doc
Tool-PRS-16_A3’s Model Problem Solving.doc
Tool-PRS-17_Problem Solving 8 Steps Worksheet.doc
Tool-PRS-18_Fishbone Diagram.doc

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