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The hiring process begins with interviewing for a new position and ends when your new hire settles in. Every step of the way, HR can help you plan better, save time, and improve your recruiting skills. If used correctly, they can streamline your hiring process and improve new hires retention.

Hiring Management Toolkit: HR Templates and Tools. Create a job description. A good job description will attract the right candidates. Post your work. Consider pre-interview screening. Prepare for interviews. Work on your interviewing skills. Research salary ranges. Draft your offer or rejection letter.

Template Toolkits Name

Tool-RCT-01_Estimating the Cost of Hiring a New Employee.doc
Tool-RCT-02_Hiring Manager Intake Form.doc
Tool-RCT-03_Initial Evaluation Form.doc
Tool-RCT-04_On-site Interview Preparation Form.doc
Tool-RCT-05_Listen For 3 Speech Patterns.doc
Tool-RCT-06_Checklist Recruiter Interview Preparation .doc
Tool-RCT-07_Checklist Before New Hire Starts.doc
Tool-RCT-08_Candidate Interview Evaluation Form.doc
Tool-RCT-09_Shortlisting Record Table.doc
Tool-RCT-10_Shortlisting Guidance.doc
Tool-RCT-11_Planning And Preparing For Interview.doc
Tool-RCT-12_Recruitment Process flowchart.doc
Tool-RCT-13_Interview Practicalities And Structure.doc
Tool-RCT-14_Sample Job Description Document.doc
Tool-RCT-15_Interviewing Do’s And Don’ts.doc
Tool-RCT-16_Format For Recruitment Advertisement.doc
Tool-RCT-17_Job Application Form.doc
Tool-RCT-18_Employee Applicant Monitoring Questionnaire.doc
Tool-RCT-19_Individual Induction Plan.doc
Tool-RCT-20_Business Induction Plan.doc
Tool-RCT-21_Sample Letter Of Job Offer.doc
Tool-RCT-22_Reference Check Form.doc
Tool-RCT-23_Sample Contract of Employment.doc
Tool-RCT-24_Checklist On Their First day.doc
Tool-RCT-25_Checklist Initial Questions.doc
Tool-RCT-26_Checklist In Their First Week and Month.doc
Tool-RCT-27_Invitation Interview Email.doc
Tool-RCT-28_Interview invitation email template.doc
Tool-RCT-29_Interview confirmation email template.doc
Tool-RCT-30_Interview acceptance email template.doc
Tool-RCT-31_Internal Candidate Rejection Email Template.doc
Tool-RCT-32_Informing Candidates of Interview Decisions Email Template.doc
Tool-RCT-33_How to invite a candidate to interview an email template.doc
Tool-RCT-34_Hiring update recruiter to hiring manager email template.doc
Tool-RCT-35_Unsuccessful candidate after interview email template.doc
Tool-RCT-36_Thank you email after an interview.doc
Tool-RCT-37_Thank you after an interview email template.doc
Tool-RCT-38_Template for an email to a successful candidate after an interview.doc
Tool-RCT-39_Still interviewing other candidates email template.doc
Tool-RCT-40_Second Interview Invitation Email Template.doc
Tool-RCT-41_Rescheduling a Job Interview Email Template.doc
Tool-RCT-42_Re-schedule Interview with Candidates Email Template.doc
Tool-RCT-43_Rejecting Overqualified Candidates Email Template.doc
Tool-RCT-44_Phone interview thank you email template.doc
Tool-RCT-45_New Job Opportunity for a Past Rejected Candidate Email Template.doc
Tool-RCT-46_Interview no show email template.doc
Tool-RCT-47_Interview Feedback to Candidates Email Template.doc
Tool-RCT-48_Follow up email after interview.doc
Tool-RCT-49_Candidate Rejection Email Template.doc
Tool-RCT-50_Cancel interview email template.doc
Tool-RCT-51_Application Acknowledgement Template.doc
Tool-RCT-52_Application Acknowledgement Email Template.doc

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