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IT strategies that to support business activities. This is a plan considered with the active roadmap begins for all IT operations in the short-term or long-term. However, the strategic plan to create efficient operations, must always keep abreast with the development of business, as well as the demand and business-oriented strategy, which plans to invest, develop appropriate.
These tools to help you build a strategic plan based on specific IT survey assessing the actual picture of the current IT, real demand business, business-oriented and implement strategic.

Template Toolkits Name

Part-1. Understand Enterprise Strategy
ITD_ST01.Checklist_IT Topics Need for Business.xls
ITD_ST02.Assessment_Department Manager.doc
ITD_ST03.Assessment _Senior Manager.doc
ITD_ST04.Assessment_IT Staff.doc
ITD_ST05.Form_Assessing Enterprise Strategy.doc
ITD_ST06.Assessment_IT Business Demand Survey.xls
ITD_ST07.Guidance_Business Executive Interview.doc
ITD_ST08.Guidance_Stakeholder Guidelines and Analysis.doc
ITD_ST09.Guidance_Enterprise Strategy and Goals.doc

Part-2. IT Assessment
ITD_ST01.Guidance_IT System Assessment.doc
ITD_ST02.Template_Overall IT Assessment.doc
ITD_ST03.Checklist_IT Operation Survey.doc
ITD_ST04.External Services Assessment.doc
ITD_ST05.PC Inventory Assessment.doc
ITD_ST06.Network Inventory Assessment.doc
ITD_ST07.Printers and Peripherals Inventory Assessment.doc
ITD_ST08.Server Inventory Assessment.doc
ITD_ST09.Back-Up Configuration Assessment.doc
ITD_ST10.Enterprise Software Inventory Assessment.doc
ITD_ST11.Physical Security Risk Assessment.doc
ITD_ST12.Roles and Responsibilities Assessment.doc
ITD_ST13.IT Job Descriptions Assessment.doc
ITD_ST14.IT Procedures Assessment.doc
ITD_ST15.IT Policies Assessment.doc

Part-3. Enterprise Architecture Framework
ITD_ST01. Enterprise Reference Architecture.ppt
ITD_ST02. Architecture Development Process.ppt
ITD_ST03. Business Architecture.ppt
ITD_ST04. Application Architecture.ppt
ITD_ST05. Data and Information Architecture.ppt
ITD_ST06. Technology Architecture.ppt
ITD_ST07.People and Organization Architecture.ppt
ITD_ST08. Strategic Roadmap.ppt

Part-4. SWOT And Gap Analysis
ITD_ST01.Template_IT System SWOT Analysis.doc
ITD_ST02.IT Gap Analysis.xls
ITD_ST03.Checklist_Segmented Infrastructure Model- Decision Making & Analysis Framework.xls

Part-5. IT Strategy Planning
ITD_ST01.Chart_IT Strategic Plan Phases and Templates.xls
ITD_ST02.Form_IT Fast Start Review.doc
ITD_ST03.Form_Strategic Planning Meeting.doc
ITD_ST04.Form_Business IT Strategic Plan.doc
ITD_ST05.Form_Key Success Factors Analysis Tool.doc
ITD_ST06.Form_New Technology Monitor.xls
ITD_ST07.Form_IT Strategy and Roadmap Scope Statement.doc
ITD_ST08.Guidance_Strategic Kickoff Meeting.doc
ITD_ST09.Business Review.doc
ITD_ST10.Solution Review.doc
ITD_ST11.Financial Review.doc

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January 2, 2022

IT toolkit has REVOLUTIONIZED our IT, It forms the bedrock of our SOP toolkit, enables us to generate run books and has dramatically lowered the cost of training new IT staff, while increasing user’s satisfation.

January 2, 2022

Once we implemented IT Toolkit, all of that changed. Now we have an IT final plan that looks professional, is well organized and makes it easy for everyone to find the information that they need.

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