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The ITIL Service Management Templates package has everything you need to plan, implement and maintain your IT services. Suppose you are tasked with the responsibility of managing IT service management for your company.
Our templates will provide a comprehensive list of templates that can be used to assist in creating an efficient ITIL Service Management process that will help increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Why You Need a Workable Service Management Strategy?
– When it comes to IT service management, you want to ensure that the process is as streamlined and optimized as possible.
– The best way to do this is through a managed approach – one where your staff is provided with templates for all of their tasks that will help them manage their work more efficiently.
– These templates can be customized on an individual basis, so they suit the needs of your business without taking too much time or effort from your team.

Template Toolkits Name

Part-1. Service Portfolio Management
1. Plan & Guidance
ITIL-SEV01.Customer Relationship Management Guide.doc
ITIL-SEV02.Information Security Management Guide.doc
ITIL-SEV03.IT Service Financial Management Guide.doc
ITIL-SEV04.Reporting Management Guide.doc
ITIL-SEV05.Service Contract Guide.doc
ITIL-SEV06.Service Portfolio Management Guide.doc
ITIL-SEV07.Service Request Management Guide.doc
ITIL-SEV08.Supplier Management Guide.doc

2. Templates
ITIL-SEV01.Service Charter Template-1.doc
ITIL-SEV02.Service Charter Template-2.docx
ITIL-SEV03.ITIL Service Request Form Template.xlsx
ITIL-SEV04.Service Strategy Readiness Assessment.xls
ITIL-SEV05.Service Strategy Template.docx

Part-2. Service Catalogue Management
1. Plan & Guides
ITIL-SEV01.8 Steps to Developing a Service Catalog Guide.pdf
ITIL-SEV02.Service Catalog Request Training.ppt

2. Templates
ITD-SEV01.Service Catalogue Template -1.xlsx
ITIL-SEV02.Service Catalogue Templates -2.pdf
ITIL-SEV03.Service Catalogue Request Process.doc
ITIL-SEV04.Service Catalogue Template Sample.docx
ITIL-SEV05.Service Level Catalogue Excel Template.xls
ITIL-SEV06.Service Level Catalogue Excel Example.pdf
ITIL-SEV07.Service Level Report Example.pdf

Part-3. Service Level Management
1. Plan & Guides
ITIL-SEV01.Service Level Management Guide.pdf
ITIL-SEV02.Build SLA – Service Level Agreement Contract.pdf
ITIL-SEV03.SLA Reports and Checklists Sample.pdf
ITIL-SEV04.Service Level Agreement Management Guide.doc

2. Templates
ITIL-SEV01.Service Level Agreement Template.docx
ITIL-SEV02.IT Service Level Requirements Template.docx
ITIL-SEV03.A Sample Service Level Agreements.doc
ITIL-SEV04. A Sample SLA-Information Security and Network Engineering.doc
ITIL-SEV05.SLM Policy – Process and Procedures.doc
ITIL-SEV07.Outsourced Data Backups SLA.doc
ITIL-SEV08.Outsourcing SLA.doc
ITIL-SEV09.Sample Desktop SLA.doc

Part-4. Continual Service Improvement
1. Plan & Guides
ITD-SEV01.IT Service Continuity Plan.docx
ITD-SEV02.Continual Process Improvement Management Guide.doc
ITD-SEV03.IT Service Continuity Management Guide.pdf

2. Templates
ITIL-SEV01.Continual Service Improvement Process & Procedures Template.docx
ITIL-SEV02.Service Delivery Status Report Template.docx
ITIL-SEV03.Service Report Template.docx
ITIL-SEV04.CSI Register.xlsm
ITIL-SEV05.CSI Plan Template.docx
ITIL-SEV06.Continual Service Improvement Readiness Assessment .xls

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January 2, 2022

Once we implemented IT Toolkit, all of that changed. Now we have an IT final plan that looks professional, is well organized and makes it easy for everyone to find the information that they need.

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