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Delegation is the process of delegating rights and responsibilities to others, managing the work of others, and meeting organizational goals, a routine task for you that is often a growth opportunity for others, and by How to increase the engagement of your team members. Increase their enthusiasm and initiative.

Knowing when, how and to whom you can delegate requires a complex understanding of the task at hand, the delegation process, and the available skills and workloads of those available.

This delegation toolkit is designed to help you determine the right time to delegate, the types of tasks that can be delegated, and who can delegate the tasks.

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Tool-DLG-01_Effective Delegation.doc
Tool-DLG-02_Delegation Procedure Worksheet.doc
Tool-DLG-03_Delegation Framework.doc
Tool-DLG-04_Delegation Levels.doc
Tool-DLG-05_Delegation Log.doc
Tool-DLG-06_The Procedure Of Delegation.doc
Tool-DLG-07_Delegation Worksheet.doc
Tool-DLG-08_Delegation Planning Worksheet.doc
Tool-DLG-09_How to Delegate .doc
Tool-DLG-10_Delegation Preparation Worksheet.doc
Tool-DLG-11_Delegation Worksheet.doc
Tool-DLG-12_Planning What to Delegate.doc
Tool-DLG-13_Task Delegation Analysis Worksheet.doc
Tool-DLG-14_Deciding How to Delegate.doc
Tool-DLG-15_To Whom Should You Delegate .doc
Tool-DLG-16_Monitoring Progress.doc
Tool-DLG-17_Handling Individual Challenges.doc
Tool-DLG-18_All Phases for Delegating.doc
Tool-DLG-19_Job Delegation Letter.doc
Tool-DLG-20_Authority Delegation Letter.doc

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