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IT policy is always a good management tool to reduce the incidents that unforeseen risks come from the user, or IT staff who operate IT systems in enterprises. Any IT services when used always to have constraints, specified operating range.
The policy setting records for each type of service is very important, you must take alot of time to develop and edit before publish out. To save the time for you, we have nearly 80 IT policy templates, which you can modify using the right fit for your business.

Template Toolkits Name

ITD_PL01_Email Policy.doc
ITD_PL02_Internet Usage Policy.doc
ITD_PL03_Password Security Policy.doc
ITD_PL04_Intranet Usage Policy.doc
ITD_PL05_Phone Usage Policy.doc
ITD_PL06_Building Security And Access Policy.doc
ITD_PL07_Software Usage Policy.doc
ITD_PL08_PC Software Standards Policy.doc
ITD_PL09_Inventory and Equipment Policy.doc
ITD_PL10_PC Standard Maintenance Policy.doc
ITD_PL11_Equipment Requests Policy.doc
ITD_PL12_Information Security Policy.doc
ITD_PL13_Remote Access Policy.doc
ITD_PL14_User Privacy Policy.doc
ITD_PL15_Service Level Agreements Policy.doc
ITD_PL16_Server Backup Policy.doc
ITD_PL17_Wireless Security Access Policy.doc
ITD_PL18_Software Installation Policy.doc
ITD_PL19_Server Configuration Policy.doc
ITD_PL20_Information Technology Standards Policy.doc
ITD_PL21_Desktop Move/Add/Change Policy.doc
ITD_PL22_Hardware Sanitization Policy.doc
ITD_PL23_IT Purchasing Policy.doc
ITD_PL24_Administrative Rights Policy.doc
ITD_PL25_Software Development Policy.doc
ITD_PL26_Default Access Policy.doc
ITD_PL27_PC Power Management Policy.doc
ITD_PL28_Removable Media Use Policy.doc
ITD_PL29_Document Retention Policy.doc
ITD_PL30_Asset Disposal Policy.doc
ITD_PL31_Disposal of Equipment Policy.doc
ITD_PL32_Disposal of Media Policy.doc
ITD_PL33_Help Desk Triage Policy.doc
ITD_PL34_Active Directory Documentation Policy.doc
ITD_PL35_Active Directory Maintenance Policy.doc
ITD_PL36_Application Design Policy.doc
ITD_PL37_Application Lifecycle Policy.doc
ITD_PL38_Business Continuity Plan Policy.doc
ITD_PL39_Business Continuity Team Policy.doc
ITD_PL40_Cell Phone, Smart Phone, and PDA Policy.doc
ITD_PL41_Virus Protection Policy.doc
ITD_PL42_Vendor Relationship Policy.doc
ITD_PL43_System Monitoring Policy.doc
ITD_PL44_Network Backup Policy.doc
ITD_PL45_File Storage Locations Policy.doc
ITD_PL46_Operating Procedures Policy.doc
ITD_PL47_Third-Party Risks Identification Policy.doc
ITD_PL48_Scheduled Downtime Policy.doc
ITD_PL49_Security Awareness and Training Policy.doc
ITD_PL50_Approved Downloads Policy.doc
ITD_PL51_Network Documentation Outline.doc
ITD_PL52_Regulatory Compliance Policy.doc
ITD_PL53_Restoration Testing Policy.doc
ITD_PL54_Reporting Documentation Policy.doc
ITD_PL55_Risk Assessment Policy.doc
ITD_PL56_Power Usage Policy.doc
ITD_PL57_Physical Security Policy.doc
ITD_PL58_Transport of Media Policy.doc
ITD_PL59_Software/Hardware Investment Policy.doc
ITD_PL60_IT Training Policy.doc
ITD_PL61_Removal of Property Policy.doc
ITD_PL62_New User IT Budget Policy.doc
ITD_PL63_Publicly Facing Systems Policy.doc
ITD_PL64_Change Control Policy.doc
ITD_PL65_End User Backup Policy.doc
ITD_PL66_Equipment Reuse Policy.doc
ITD_PL67_Encryption Usage Policy.doc
ITD_PL68_Inventory of Assets Policy.doc
ITD_PL69_Information Ownership Policy.doc
ITD_PL70_Incident Response Policy.doc
ITD_PL71_Help Desk Notification Policy.doc
ITD_PL72_Ethics Policy.doc
ITD_PL73_Disaster Recovery Plan Policy.doc
ITD_PL74_Disaster Recovery Testing Policy.doc
ITD_PL75_Data Retention Policy.doc
ITD_PL76_Contingency Plan Policy.doc
ITD_PL77_Portable Storage Usage Policy.doc
ITD_PL78_Technology Inventory Policy.doc

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January 2, 2022

IT toolkit has REVOLUTIONIZED our IT, It forms the bedrock of our SOP toolkit, enables us to generate run books and has dramatically lowered the cost of training new IT staff, while increasing user’s satisfation.

January 2, 2022

Once we implemented IT Toolkit, all of that changed. Now we have an IT final plan that looks professional, is well organized and makes it easy for everyone to find the information that they need.

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