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The comprehensive ITSM Toolkit provides a baseline set of proven, tactical deliverables for technology professionals. These ITIL-based tools include essential support materials, templates and guidance to initiate, accelerate and fine tune any service-focused IT organization. Specific tools and guidance includes:
– Incident Management Templates
– Problem Management Templates
– Configuration Management Templates
– DR (Disaster Recovery) Templates
– Service Management Templates
– Change Management Templates
– Release Management Templates
– Roles & Responsibilities (ARCI) Template – IT Service Narrative Template
– And Other Templates

All templates provide specific examples and guidelines for accelerated deployment including base-level service and pricing examples for IT products, process roles and responsibilities within an IT organization, IT process goals and objectives, process improvement milestones, customer and service provider requirements, IT service measurement examples, benefit and risk considerations, and more.

Template Toolkits Name

Part-1. Incident Management Templates
ITD-SEV01.Incident Catalogue Template.xls
ITD-SEV02.Incident Management Guide.ppt
ITD-SEV03.Incident Management Policy.doc
ITD-SEV04.Incident Management Process.doc
ITD-SEV05.Incident Report Template.xls
ITD-SEV06.Incident Report Excel Template.xls
ITD-SEV07.Intern Incident Report.xls
ITD-SEV08.IT Security Incident Report Template.doc
ITD-SEV09.ITIL Incident Report Template.xls
ITD-SEV10.Incident Report Excel Template.doc
ITD-SEV11.ITIL PIR For Incident Closure Template.doc
ITD-SEV12.Major Incident Notification Template.doc
ITD-SEV13.Major Incident Report Template.doc
ITD-SEV14.Structure Damage Incident Report.doc
ITD-SEV15.Workplace Violence report.xls
ITD-SEV16.Checklist Incident Priority.xls

Part-2. Problem Management Templates
ITD-SEV01.ITIL Mom Template for Major Problem Review.doc
ITD-SEV02.Major Problem Report Template.doc
ITD-SEV03.Problem Catalogue Template.xls
ITD-SEV04.Problem Management Process.doc
ITD-SEV05.Problem Record Template.doc

Part-3. Configuration Management Templates
ITD-SEV01.Configuration Management Plan template.doc
ITD-SEV02.Configuration Management Policy.doc
ITD-SEV03.Configuration management Process.doc
ITD-SEV04.Configuration Management RACI.doc

Part-4. DR (Disaster Recovery) Templates
ITD-SEV01.DR Approach Template.doc
ITD-SEV02.DR Asset Register.doc
ITD-SEV03.DR Closure Template.doc
ITD-SEV04.DR Communication Plan Template.doc
ITD-SEV05.DR Implementation Plan Template.xls
ITD-SEV06.DR Plan Template.doc

Part-5. IT Service Management Templates
ITD-SEV01.IT Service Continuity Plan.doc
ITD-SEV02.IT Service Level Requirements Template.doc
ITD-SEV03.ITIL Service Request Form Template.xls
ITD-SEV04.Service Catalog Template.xls
ITD-SEV05.Service Charter Template.doc
ITD-SEV06.Service Delivery Status Report Template.doc
ITD-SEV07.Service Level Agreement Template.doc
ITD-SEV08.Service Report Template.doc
ITD-SEV09.Service Strategy Template.doc
ITD-SEV10.CSI Register.xls
ITD-SEV11.CSI Plan Template.doc

Part-6. Change Management Templates
ITD-SEV01.Change Control Form Template.doc
ITD-SEV02.Change Management Excel.xls
ITD-SEV03.Change Management Sample.doc
ITD-SEV04.Change Management Process.doc
ITD-SEV05.Change Request Form.doc
ITD-SEV06.Change Request Template.ppt
ITD-SEV07.Change Request Word Template.doc
ITD-SEV08.Generic Change Request Template.doc
ITD-SEV09.ITIL Change Management Process.doc
ITD-SEV10.ITIL Change Request template.xls
ITD-SEV11.ITIL Mom Change Advisory Board.doc
ITD-SEV12.ITIL Request for Change Template.doc
ITD-SEV13.Project Change Log.xls
ITD-SEV14.Project Change Log Template – V2.xls
ITD-SEV15.RACI For Emergency Change Management.xls
ITD-SEV16.RACI Matrix for Normal Change Management.xls
ITD-SEV17.Software Change Request Example.xls

Part-7. Release Management Templates
ITD-SEV01.Application Impact Heat Map.xls
ITD-SEV02.Emergency RFC Template.doc
ITD-SEV03.Implementation Issue Register.doc
ITD-SEV04.ITIL Release Plan template.doc
ITD-SEV05.Normal RFC Template.doc
ITD-SEV06.Project Gamma: Implementation Update.doc
ITD-SEV07.Project Implementation Plan.xls
ITD-SEV08.RACI Matrix for Release Management.xls
ITD-SEV09.Release Calendar Excel.xls
ITD-SEV10.Release Checklist Template.xls
ITD-SEV11.Release Management RACI.xls
ITD-SEV12.Release Post Implementation Review.doc
ITD-SEV13.Release Project Plan -1.mpp
ITD-SEV14.Release Project Plan -2.mpp
ITD-SEV15.Release Risk Assessment Template.xls
ITD-SEV16.Release Schedule Template Excel.xls
ITD-SEV17.Release Status Report Template Excel.xls

Part-8. Other Templates
ITD-SEV01.Application Portfolio Template.doc
ITD-SEV02.Daily Log Template.doc
ITD-SEV03.IT Asset Management Best Practices.doc
ITD-SEV04.IT Asset management Policy Template.doc
ITD-SEV05.ITIL Customer Complaint Log.doc
ITD-SEV06.ITIL Customer Complaint Report Template.doc
ITD-SEV07.ITIL Internal Audit Report.doc
ITD-SEV08.ITIL Roles and Responsibilities RACI.xls
ITD-SEV09.ITIL Capacity Management.doc
ITD-SEV10.ITIL Implementation Plan.xls
ITD-SEV11.ITIL Process Map.xls
ITD-SEV12.KE Record Template.doc
ITD-SEV13.Operational Level Agreement Template.doc
ITD-SEV14.Post Implementation Review Template.doc
ITD-SEV15.SACM Plan Template.doc

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January 2, 2022

IT toolkit has REVOLUTIONIZED our IT, It forms the bedrock of our SOP toolkit, enables us to generate run books and has dramatically lowered the cost of training new IT staff, while increasing user’s satisfation.

January 2, 2022

Once we implemented IT Toolkit, all of that changed. Now we have an IT final plan that looks professional, is well organized and makes it easy for everyone to find the information that they need.

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