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IT helpdesk services, is a single point of contact from the user with the IT department. The evaluation and measurement of the success of the activities supported by the IT department are: Satisfaction of users of IT services. Thus, to serve users (customers) in the best way is to understand the expectations of the customer; enhance the level of satisfaction, satisfied with the quality of IT services, service attitude, improve the service.

The toolkits for IT helpdesk will help improve operational support to better as: recorded support requests, checklist of employees, the standard installation instructions and assess the capacity of IT staff.

Template Toolkits Name

Part-1. Helpdesk Request Ticket
ITD-HD01_Form_Helpdesk Trouble Ticket.doc
ITD-HD02_Form_IT Request.xls
ITD-HD03_Form_Computer Software Request.doc
ITD-HD04_Form_E-mail Creation Request.doc
ITD-HD05_Form_IT Services Request.doc
ITD-HD06_Form_e-Mail Send Out Request.doc
ITD-HD07_Form_Internet Access Request.doc
ITD-HD08_Form_Remote Access Request.doc
ITD-HD09_Form_ IT Programming Request.xls
ITD-HD10_Checklist_Software Installing Request.doc
ITD-HD11_Form_Folder Right Permission Request.xls
ITD-HD12_Form_Password Reset Request.doc
ITD-HD13_Form_IP Address Request.doc
ITD-HD14_Form_Call Access Request.doc
ITD-HD15_Form_Mailbox Quota Increase Request.doc
ITD-HD16_Flowchart_Model for Generic Request.doc
ITD-HD17_Form_Programming Request Monitoring.xls
ITD-HD18_Form_Programming Request Profile.xls
ITD-HD19_Form_Third-Party Access Request.doc

Part-2. Support Operation
ITD-HD01_Form_New Employee Preparation.doc
ITD-HD02_Form_Welcome Letter IT Department.doc
ITD-HD03_Checklist_Helpdesk Management.xls
ITD-HD04_Flowchart_Helpdesk Data Summary.doc
ITD-HD05_Form_Training Outline.doc
ITD-HD06_Score_IT Services Objective.xls
ITD-HD07_Sample_IT Problem Severity Definitions.doc
ITD-HD08_Flowchart_Helpdesk Processes.xls
ITD-HD09_Sample_Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey.xls
ITD-HD10_Form_Ink Cartrid List Spare.xls
ITD-HD11_Form_User Questionnaire About Printer.doc
ITD-HD12_Form_User Satisfaction Survey About Printer.xls
ITD-HD13_Checklist_Incident Response and Handling Procedures.xls
ITD-HD14_Form_IT Security Incident Report.xls
ITD-HD15_Form_Problem Event Report Weekly.xls
ITD-HD16_Form_Incident Report.doc
ITD-HD17_Form_Virus Infected Monitoring.xls
ITD-HD18_Form_Incident and Response Management.xls
ITD-HD19_Incident Response Policy.doc
ITD-HD20_Information Technology Standards Policy.doc

Part-3. KnowledgeBase and User Guide
ITD-HD01_Flowchart_Model to Access to a Service.doc
ITD-HD02_Flowchart_Model for Changing Rights.doc
ITD-HD03_Flowchart_Model for Procurement of Items.doc
ITD-HD04_Checklist_Scan Virus_Spyware.doc
ITD-HD05_Checklist_Email Before Pressing Send IT Helpdesk.doc
ITD-HD06_Checklist_Software Using.doc
ITD-HD07_Guidance_Helpdesk User Guide.doc
ITD-HD08_Checklist_Software Standard Installation.xls
ITD-HD09_Form_Software Skills Evaluation of Users.doc
ITD-HD10_Form_New Employee Computer Skills.doc
ITD-HD11_Checklist_Setting Up a Printer Server.doc
ITD-HD12_Personal Desktop Standard Configuration Rule.doc

Part-4. For IT Helpdesk Staff
ITD-HD01_Form_Employee Exit.doc
ITD-HD02_Guidance_Welcome to IT Department.doc
ITD-HD03_Form_IT Virtual Support.doc
ITD-HD04_Guidance_Construct IT Announcement to User.doc
ITD-HD05_Form_Communication Rule For IT Incidents.xls

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January 2, 2022

IT toolkit has REVOLUTIONIZED our IT, It forms the bedrock of our SOP toolkit, enables us to generate run books and has dramatically lowered the cost of training new IT staff, while increasing user’s satisfation.

January 2, 2022

Once we implemented IT Toolkit, all of that changed. Now we have an IT final plan that looks professional, is well organized and makes it easy for everyone to find the information that they need.

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