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A job coach is an individual hired to help others learn, adapt, and perform their job duties. Job coaches can work with individuals individually and/or in a small group. In addition to training the skills involved in performing specific job duties, a job coach also helps with the interpersonal communication skills needed in the workplace. The coach will assess the employee’s strengths and needs or may rely on a completed assessment.

Often a work coach will work with an individual both inside and outside the workplace. In this case, the job instructor may visit the workplace to learn about the requirements of the job and the work environment. The coach will then work with each individual to prepare. The job instructor may also accompany the individual to the work site. This allows the coach to directly observe the employee’s abilities and any areas that need improvement. Employees can get instant feedback and support.

These toolkits provide structure, transparency, and help each of your clients get the most out of every training session with you.

Template Toolkits Name

Tool-JCO-01_Job Coach Training Plan.doc
Tool-JCO-02_Form_What do you expect from course.doc
Tool-JCO-03_Job Coaching Pre-Assessment.doc
Tool-JCO-04_Job Coaching Readiness Self-Assessment.doc
Tool-JCO-05_Characteristics of a Good Job Coach.doc
Tool-JCO-06_Super Job Coach Asessment.doc
Tool-JCO-07_Stablishing a Relationship.doc
Tool-JCO-08_Effective Communication.doc
Tool-JCO-09_Active Listening Skills Assessment.doc
Tool-JCO-10_Giving Feedback – Feedback Techniques.doc
Tool-JCO-11_Coach Responsibilities.doc
Tool-JCO-12_Job Coaching Strategies.doc
Tool-JCO-13_Effective Job Coaching Activity.doc
Tool-JCO-14_Job Coaching Checklist.doc
Tool-JCO-15_Practice Job Coaching Activity.doc
Tool-JCO-16_Job Coach Trainee Pre-Assessment.doc
Tool-JCO-17_Job Coaching Progress Review.doc
Tool-JCO-18_Job Coaching Trainee Feedback.doc
Tool-JCO-19_Job Coaching Trainee Pre-Assessment.doc
Tool-JCO-20_Job Coaching Support.doc
Tool-JCO-21_Job Coaching Skills Workshop Evaluation.doc

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