GROW Coaching Model Template

January 17, 2022

GROW Coaching Model Template

This GROW Model template enables you to record the coaching process using the GROW model. It helps you to monitor progress and keeps a record of the goal and commitments the coachee has made.

It provides a record of the coachee’s objective and the actions they have set themselves to attain it within a set timeframe. It also details the obstacles and potential options to resolve the issue that instigated this coaching process.

The GROW Coaching Model is an acronym standing for Goals, Reality, Options and Will, highlighting the four key steps in the implementation of the GROW Model. By working through these four stages, the GROW Model raises an individual’s awareness of their own aspirations, a greater understanding of their current situation, the possibilities open to them, and the actions they could take to achieve their personal and professional goals. By setting specific, measurable and achievable goals, and a realistic time frame for their achievement, the GROW Model successfully promotes confidence and self-motivation, leading to increased productivity and personal satisfaction.

GROW neatly highlights the nature of a problem for coaching purposes. In order for a problem to exist in coaching terms there has to be two elements present. Firstly there has to be something that the client is trying to achieve – the Goal. Then there has to be something stopping them achieve that goal – the Obstacle(s). Using GROW automatically breaks a problem down into these component parts. Then solutions and action steps (Options and Way forward) automatically fall out of the process.