TGROW Coaching Model Template

January 17, 2022

TGROW Coaching Model Template

This TGROW Model template enables you to record the coaching process using the TGROW model. It helps you to monitor progress and keeps a record of the goal and commitments the coachee has made.

It enables you to detail the environment in which the coachee operates and provides a record of their personal objective they wish to attain on completions of the coaching process. It also provides a record of the actions they have set themselves to attain this goal within a set timeframe and details the obstacles and potential options to resolve the issue that instigated this coaching process.

The TGROW coaching model is a variation of the GROW coaching model, adapted by Myles Downey and explained in his book Effective Coaching. T stands for Topic, in other words it is the broad area that your coachee wants to address. It would make sense, at the start of the conversation, to understand and clarify the topic and its scale, understanding the bigger picture in terms of why this is important to the coachee and perhaps their longer term vision.

The original GROW Model is an acronym standing for Goals, Reality, Options and Will, highlighting its four key steps. By working through these, the GROW Model raises an individual’s awareness of their own aspirations, a greater understanding of their current situation, the possibilities open to them, and the actions they could take to achieve their personal and professional goals. By setting specific, measurable and achievable goals, and a realistic time frame for their achievement, the GROW Model successfully promotes confidence and self-motivation, leading to increased productivity and personal satisfaction.