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Customer service isn’t about ‘after sales’ service, sales or marketing: It’s all of them put together. It involves every ‘touch point’ with your customers, i.e. every time they contact your organization in one form or another: website, phone, email, face-to-face.

Bad customer service will lead to unhappy customers, poor reviews, and a lack of returning habits. It’s not hard to see why organizations work so hard to get good customer service. This tool provides an introduction to customer service and the skills needed to ensure that your organization provides good or excellent service to your customers.

A customer service toolkit is a valuable asset to your company. It plays an important role in customer retention and customer development by building trust with customers with effective care techniques. Customer service tools also help with product development by assessing customer needs and soliciting customer input.

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Tool-CUS-01_The Steps Dealing With Irate People.doc
Tool-CUS-02_Actions List of Good Customer Service.doc
Tool-CUS-03_Excellent and Good Customer Service.doc
Tool-CUS-04_First Impressions Of Customer Service.doc
Tool-CUS-05_Good and Exceptional Customer Service.doc
Tool-CUS-06_Customer Service’s Positive Words And Phrases.doc
Tool-CUS-07_Customer Service The Things People Say or Do.doc
Tool-CUS-08_Templates_Customer Service Report.doc
Tool-CUS-09_Templates_Customer Service By Email.doc
Tool-CUS-10_Survey of Customer Service.doc
Tool-CUS-11_Excercise_Helping Customers Be Right.doc
Tool-CUS-12_Excercise_Customer Complaints.doc
Tool-CUS-13_Excercise_Productivity and Quality.doc
Tool-CUS-14_Excercise_Find the Iceberg.doc
Tool-CUS-15_Excercise_Road Trip.doc
Tool-CUS-16_Exercise_The 10 and 5 Rule.doc
Tool-CUS-17_Excercise_ What’s My Job.doc
Tool-CUS-18_Excercise_Customer Empathy.doc
Tool-CUS-19_Excercise_Attitude Anchors.doc
Tool-CUS-20_Excercise Customer Lifetime Value.doc
Tool-CUS-21_Guidance_Customer Service Achieving Excellent.doc

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